Thursday, April 21, 2011

Kill the Bunny!

If you are like me, you grew up in a very low church, non-liturgical culture. I am hungry to learn from and capture some of the great Holy-days of the church. I am tired of the Bunny and Santa taking of the two most important season of the church. Here is blog I have come across that gives resources to families for how to create meaningful, sacred rituals and traditions for worship and shaping your kids in Christ.


Modern Sacred Family

If you have any resources along these lines, please post!

I would add the book The Family Cloister as a resource to consider.


  1. Not to mention the fact that Easter Bunnys are just plain creepy. Am I the only one who thinks that a six-foot rabbit is a little scary? I was walking through the mall the other day- the one in Alexandria, the Dollar General is as close as Glenmora gets to a mall- and I saw the Easter Bunny just walking down the mall outside of any fake grass, white picket fences, or anything. It was weird. To your larger point, I would argue that there is a direct correlation between the absence of any substantive Christmas and Easter rituals in our tradition, and the complete lack of attention that Jesus birth and resurrection receives.

  2. Agreed - life, identity, and faith are formed in the context of rituals, rhythms, traditions, and the concrete expressions and symbols that we give them. Whether it be trees, bunnies, bitter herbs, or crucifixes, we need symbols. We also need music, meals, and communal traditions to taste, hear, and feel every year. We can only discover the infinite in our finite expressions of it. The weaker these expressions, symbols, rituals, and songs, the weaker our understanding of them and the less formed we are into them.