Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Tired of Being Alone Together?

This is a fascinating interview about the way technology is shaping who we are. It is by Krista Tippett from NPR who does the "On Being" peices that explores religious, spirituality, and ethics. She interviews a prof from MIT who heads an effort looking at the subjective side of technology's impact on our lives. This interview - "Alive Enough" - has profound implications who how we, as followers of Jesus, are having our souls and relationships formed (deformed) by technology. This is not a romantic/nostaligic plea for pre-electricity life and huts in the wilderness. Technology is held up as meaningful. We have to stop being used and shaped by it and start using it to shape a more just world. It is about 45 minutes long. So, don't start until you have the time.

Being Blog - What is the Path to Integrating Technology into...

Please leave your reactions below.

Even if you don't have time for the interview, what are you noticing about the formative impact technology is having on our spiritual lives?


  1. Shawn:
    If you're going to confess your sins for Lent, I'll confess my sinful behavior at the alter of technology! I think Turkle's most impactful point in this interview is her insistence of sacred spaces and being in the moment with our loved ones. I confess to sneaking a peak at my phone while my daughter is happily playing in the bath, blissfully ignorant of me... or so I think. Then she looks up and says, "Daddy?" It's so tempting to steal a moment for yourself, but she reminds me (painfully so) of what I'm missing when I do.

  2. Yeah, when she talked about that it pierced my soul as well. I want to teach my kids about sacred space - the sacred space of community and of solitude. Thanks for sharing this link with me. Great interview and great resource. I appreciate the way you help me to grow and learn.

  3. Don't have time to check out the clip now, but I've been mulling over this reality alot lately. At the end of last year I read Robert Putnam's seminal Bowling Alone, sociological take on the impact of technology. It's sobering . . . and quite challenging for those of us in churches (one of the groups Putnam says is most impacted).

  4. If you get some time for more technology - sit a while and enjoy this! Powerful implications for the formation of our souls. That books sounds intriguing!