Sunday, May 15, 2011

South Africa: Here I Come!

Passport... check

Tickets... check

Bags packed... check

Books read... check

Excited to learn... check

Ready to fly for 16 hours straight... not so much

Ready to leave my family for two weeks... not at all

Well, today I board a plane with 9 other of my fellow doctoral candidates, one professor, and the Dean of Students from Columbia Theological Seminary for two weeks in South Africa.

For those of you that have asked what it is exactly I am going to be doing, here is the official (i.e. from the syllabus) description of this course:

South African Travel Seminar: Theological Interpretations of Social Change
This course will explore the process for interpreting what God may be doing in cultures undergoing significant social change through the use of historical, political, and socio-cultural methods of theological interpretation.  Via readings and conversations with South African theologians, pastors, educators, and other public leaders, students will explore the dramatic changes in South Africa since the end of Apartheid in 1994 and how tese conversation partners interpret those changes.  Of course, since our own societies are also undergoing change, one of the goals of the course is to carry the "tools" developed in this course back to our own contexts. As such, students will engage in structured reflections throughout the trip and complete a final project that applies insights from the readings and presentations to their own ministry contexts.

I hope to find the time to make some entries here as a cyber South Africa journal through my time there.  We will be in Johannesburg the first week and in Cape Town the second.  If you have nothing better to do and are bored enough, you can follow me here, on facebook, or twitter for updates about the journey.

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