Tuesday, September 6, 2011

As the 10 year anniversary approaches...

I, like you, continue to consider what a distinctly Jesus-centered way of thinking about this last decade would look like. My ideas, feelings, theology, etc. have evolved and expanded been challenged and stretched. I hope that will always continue to happen. Here are some of those questions bouncing around in my mind and heart:

How would the Slain Lamb react to these attacks and the ensuring wars?

How would the Prince of Peace enter into foreign lands?

How would the Lord of Justice handle such pain and evil?

How would the Man of Sorrows speak into the pain, loss, and destruction?

These are very difficult, yet necessary, to think about. I do not pretend to have the answer(s) to these questions, but I do believe that the church must theologically and christocentrically process these events. I, like you, am torn and confused, frustrated and yet hopeful. I, like you, hunger for the fulfillment of God's vision for a world defined by love and fully healed by His touch. And as we await this world and as we work towards it, we must be willing to ask ourselves...

How have we been misguided by cultural norms?

How have we led the culture in seeking peace and reconciliation?

How have we responded redemptively?

How has the Kingdom been embodied by the church in this decade in relation to the attacks and American responses to them?

One concerned brother from my own Restoration Movement heritage shares these thoughts:

Disciples Peace Fellowship - Shalom Vision - THE 9/11 TERRORIST ATTACKS AND THE LOST DECADE:

What do you think? Is he right in saying we too easily were in harmony with our culture's reactions? Is he right in saying we forfeited our distinct voice as Jesus' people? How have you seen this to be true? How have you seen the church rise above the noise and speak God's vision into the darkness?

Thanks for being open to these questions and sharing your thoughts.

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